Rule #1: You are required to listen to Meat is Murder all the way through at least once.

Not really, but I’m sure at some point in your life you already have if you’ve ended up here.

I spend most of my time IRL spouting off this crap to anyone who is stupid enough to ask me about being vegan. Either that or counting my chia seeds or cats.

I just really like to cook, and eat, and I’m vegan, so that’s what this is. I feel awesome when people tell me they like looking at pictures of my food, or that I even give them inspiration for their own cooking, so you can imagine how great I feel when people like the TASTE of my food. I just like to make things that sound good to me, and I try and figure out the best way to make what I’m thinking of. Sometimes, I amaze myself and feel like a total Iron Chef, and other days, well, things don’t work out so well. But that’s how it goes when you really have no idea what you’re doing but do it anyway, I suppose.

I try not to go into my own reasons for being vegan when I talk about food, but I do care a lot about my personal nutrition with the things I cook, so I can’t help but share the information. I’m not a licensed nutritionist, but I do a lot of reading and research on the subject, so I feel my stats are pretty accurate. I don’t know anything about reducing diseases or anything with food, I just know the food I eat helps me feel great.

I love to give advice for people looking to become vegan or vegetarian about cooking and food, any questions or suggestions are very welcome, please and thank you!

And with that, I leave you with two of my loves. Moz, and kitties. (in my personal favorite, “fake hearing aid” phase)



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