a bean, a green, and a grain

Who else enjoys rhyming alliterations?

brother with kale

this is my vegetarian cat named Little Boy, or more commonly known as Bruzzer, stealing kale off my counter top during my photoshoot

Anyway. I’ve been struggling to come up with combinations to fill a common vegan dinner plate guideline, which is to include a bean, a green, and a grain. Then I remembered that I already make something that fits the bill perfectly. My grandma’s is the original version, technically an escarole and bean soup, but mine is nearly exact except for the fact that I can never find escarole so I end up using kale or chard, and that I do not add pureed beans to thicken it into a soup, instead I just mash a few with the bottom of a jar in the pan while it’s cooking. I like to eat it on toast instead of a soup with a spoon. I really like making this dish for other people, it’s surprisingly easy and delicious, and can be made for a large number of people at a time.

Like anything I cook, this isn’t an exact science. You might like less garlic or salt, just figure out what tastes best to you and season to that.


(Serves 4) Ingredients:

6-10 cloves of garlic

two cans of cannellini beans, or 32 ounces cooked dried great northern beans

olive oil

salt, pepper

red pepper flakes

vegetable stock

kale, or chard, or escarole, or any dark leafy green


garlic in pan

Slice garlic thinly

Coat bottom of a deep, large pot with olive oil

saute garlic in olive oil and add red pepper flakes, a tsp is mildly hot, half a tbsp is really hot!

add beans, if using canned, rinse the beans and do not add water with beans

beans in pan

add between 1/2-3/4 cup of vegetable broth

salt and pepper to taste

smashing beans

use a can or jar or anything you have to smash some the beans, but leaving some of them whole, the ratio is up to you!

cover beans with kale, and stir to combine

kale in pan

if mixture is too thick to incorporate greens, add more vegetable broth

cook on medium heat until heated through and greens are wilted and tender

finished in pan

turn your oven’s broiler on

drizzle bread with olive oil, and sprinkle with salt and pepper

bread on pan

put bread in oven under the broiler until brown and crispy

serve beans with bread

finished on plate

I love this dish during the winter, with a glass of white wine and a green salad. It’s got protein, fat, and carbs, plus whole grains, leafy greens with lots of nutrients, and a lot of flavor. It’s the best with sourdough bread, but I’m trying to stay away from bleached flours and stick with flour-less whole grain bread, which is why I have dorky triangles of toast instead of luscious golden brown, olive oil glazed sourdough pieces that I love so much. Carrrrbssss….

I am going to Utah for my 25th birthday this Thursday through Sunday, to visit my cous-sister Nyki. She’s graciously opened her kitchen to me and told me that she and her boyfriend Dallas will be eating completely vegan during my stay with them, I am so excited! I’ll be posting lots of fun pictures of us in SNOW OMG SNOW, and all of the fun vegan things we will undoubtedly make together!

If anyone is actually reading this, how am I doing?

  1. ash said:

    You’re doing fantastic! The pictures are great and you’re detailed in your steps. Keep it up!

  2. I read it! I might actually make that this week. Looks really easy, and delicious.

    • Let me know how it turns out!!! I suggest doing more garlic than I have in my pictures, I ended up adding more after I shot those, it wasn’t enough in flavor for me haha I used closer to like 10 cloves in the end. It can be really flat without it.

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