I’m just a kid (OK I’m 25 but whatever) cooking and eat vegan food for myself, my boyfriend, and my friends and family who are brave enough to try it. I like cats.



follow my instagram: seitanworshiper

  1. krystal said:

    Hey girl! Did you delete your IG? Went looking for you a couple months ago and just remembered your blog was on wordpress! Finally found it! How’s it going?

    • I did, but I made a new one!! it’s “snottypippin” haha
      I’m good!!! not vegan anymore, but still cookin haha
      How are you??

  2. krystal said:

    Snotty pippin that’s funny! Not vegan anymore? Vegetarian? It’s a hard thing to do. I know! I’m doing good! 🙂

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